Julian Cockburn

julian with frameA food writer and culinary critic par excellence – with a penchant for farming, and rural life in general; Julian takes us through a gastronomic smorgasbord of country life as seen from the veranda of his hobby farm.

From the communal ploughing, seeding and fertilising of crops with his neighbour, through the rearing of farm animals, to the hopefully bountiful harvest… can the notoriously cosmopolitan Julian cut it as a farmer?

Will the tending of his small-holding harden the resolve (and the hands) of our softly-spoken Julian, or will the privations of remote rustic, rural life drive him, a broken, weeping Julian, back to the city with his tail between his legs?

Click here to purchase tickets for ‘Trichotomy of Jest’ (reprised) on Saturday 4th May

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