Nigel Furlong-Fencehurdler

nigel with frameBorn into high privilege (almost royalty) in the equine world, is not enough for our Nigel. He feels… nay, he knows… that he has been marked out for greater things in life. That he is destined for high office!

Come on the journey with him as he tells the remarkable story of his life (so far at least) and shares his ambitious plans for the future; his pathway to achieve what he considers to be his ‘full potential’.

A story of the life and times of a thoroughbred… of elegance and expectation, of ambition and entitlement, of politics and power; set against a backdrop of ego and betrayal and yes… sex and drugs too… phew! – hold onto to your fascinators folks.

Click here to purchase tickets for ‘Trichotomy of Jest’ (reprised) on Saturday 4th May


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