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The Trichotomy of Jest


The Torch Enterprise presents its first ever show… The world premier of “Trichotomy of Jest”. A comical, political and critical one man performance.

The culmination of several years work, developing and performing three very different comical characters, each with a very different view of the world – they are now, for the first time ever, assembled into a single irreverent, boisterous ‘one man’ comedy show, full of fun and laughs and questionable taste!

From the wild, rantings at the world of a manic, kilted Scotsman, through the life and times and megalomaniacal ambitions of a talking horse, to the debatable morals of a debonair gastronome; this madcap show will amuse, intrigue and unsettle in equal measure.


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‘Trichotomy of Jest’ – the epilogue…

Yesterday was my recovery day, after the excitement of the 3 shows over the weekend. I spent most of the day recharging my batteries (sleeping!) and getting some long overdue domestics done…

I am chuffed beyond belief that I have finally realised my dream and put my ‘one man show’ out there… so many thanks are due to so many people who helped me achieve this; including the fantastic audiences for each of the shows, who took a punt that the show would be worth seeing, and left knowing that it absolutely was  – judging by the laughter during the shows, and the fabulous feedback I received afterwards… Thank you all! I had so much fun performing ‘Trichotomy’ for you!

So much so that it was with a certain strange sadness that I packed up my three madcap characters yesterday. Jimmy, Nigel and Julian were returned to the wardrobe and the storage boxes from whence they came. I have been living with all three of them permanently cohabiting in my head for weeks and months now. Regularly escaping into the real world as I tried them out on people, whilst I was on the train or out shopping.

So it seems almost a travesty (to me anyway) to be shaking them free from my head, and packing them away so soon – after only 3 shows… I want to let them out to play again already!

But away they go… for a while anyway… because I’ve no more shows 😦

…Unless of course there is some, brave, benevolent and entrepreneurial soul (or souls), or an organisation, collaboration or cooperative, who might be interested in hosting/funding a show? Please get in touch if you are? I am always open to suggestions and discussions… simply message me via the FB page  (, or send me an email ( and let’s talk?

Love n hugs…


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