Trichotomy of Jest – the Cast

jimmy with frame

Jimmy McKleish

A loud, proud Scotsman; Jimmy is a ranting, ribald raconteur. A  storyteller who holds strong opinions on pretty much everything and anything – he is never shy of sharing those opinions with anyone prepared to listen, and many who aren’t!

His vernacular verges on the vulgar but this he feels brings a working class colour to his stories… this despite him being notoriously work-shy and never actually having done a proper days labour in his life!

He is convinced that you will love him for his rugged good looks and his roguish charm (his words!) and you will warm to the humour of his ‘peoples philosophy’ – railing against those things that he considers outrageous inequalities in life… But will you?

nigel with frame

Nigel Furlong-Fencehurdler

Born into high privilege (almost royalty) in the equine world, is not enough for our Nigel. He feels… nay, he knows… that he has been marked out for greater things in life. That he is destined for high office!

Come on the journey with him as he tells the remarkable story of his life (so far at least) and shares his ambitious plans for the future; his pathway to achieve what he considers to be his ‘full potential’.

A story of the life and times of a thoroughbred… of elegance and expectation, of ambition and entitlement, of politics and power; set against a backdrop of ego and betrayal and yes… sex and drugs too… phew! – hold onto to your fascinators folks.

julian with frameJulian Cockburn

A food writer and culinary critic par excellence – with a penchant for farming, and rural life in general; Julian takes us through a gastronomic smorgasbord of country life as seen from the veranda of his hobby farm.

From the communal ploughing, seeding and fertilising of crops with his neighbour, through the rearing of farm animals, to the hopefully bountiful harvest… can the notoriously cosmopolitan Julian cut it as a farmer?

Will the tending of his small-holding harden the resolve (and the hands) of our softly-spoken Julian, or will the privations of remote rustic, rural life drive him, a broken, weeping Julian, back to the city with his tail between his legs?

Samuel with frame

Samuel – The Butler

Maintaining decorum, control and even-temper amongst our three protagonists, is the unenviable responsibility of Samuel (the Butler). A man of great patience and calm; he finds both to be sorely tested by his three charges.

Originally ‘Gentleman’s Gentleman’ exclusively to the presumptuous thoroughbred Nigel; he has, for the good of the show, been obliged to expand his flock, to include the demands of both the smarmy Julian and the ever prickly Jimmy.

Always restrained, refined and resolute, he brings a certain ‘organised’ to the ‘chaos’ of buttling for these three divas; ensuring that they, and the show as a whole, starts, middles and ends as expected… and in the right order.


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