“Trichotomy of Jest’ (reprised)… done and dusted…

Thank you to all of you who came to see my show ‘Trichotomy of Jest’ (reprised) last night (Saturday 4th May). I hope you had as much fun audience-ing as I did performance-ing… because I had an absolute ball!

Today though I’ve been pretty washed out energy-wise, probably due to being crook last week and burning all my reserves last night (in a good cause though!)

My hope now is that I can take the show forward to other venues, both in and around Brisbane… if I can find a way to fund it (any ideas, offers, or useful contacts gratefully received!)

But for now, a little down time, to reacquaint myself with me, and shed the skins of those 3 miscreants that have been rattling around in my head almost constantly over the last few weeks!

Thank you all so much for your support!…



(The Torch Enterprise)