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“The Torch Enterprise” is launched. The place where my my creative side comes to life. Here you will find details of my performance events; past (as I have them!), present and future as they evolve – along with any video clips and writings that I have the urge to share?

My upcoming show “Trichotomy of Jest” (reprised), on Saturday 4th May is the latest (hopefully of many to come)

Thank you for your interest in my work and I hope that you will follow me and come along to my performances (live performances of all kinds need your support!)

And thus the story continues…

“Great theatre is about challenging how we think and encouraging us to fantasise about a world we aspire to” — Willem Dafoe


Trichotomy of Jest

** Returning for one night only **


Saturday 4th May 2019

The Torch Enterprise presents the reprise of “Trichotomy of Jest”. The second coming of this comical, political and critical one man performance.

For one big night only; Saturday 4th May sees the return of this irreverent, boisterous ‘one man’ comedy show, full of fun and laughs and questionable taste!

From the wild, rantings at the world of a manic, kilted Scotsman, through the life and times and megalomaniacal ambitions of a talking horse, to the debatable morals of a debonair gastronome; this madcap show will amuse, intrigue and unsettle in equal measure… but mostly it will make you laugh!

Click here to purchase tickets for ‘Trichotomy of Jest’ (reprised) on Saturday 4th May

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Click here to purchase tickets for ‘Trichotomy of Jest’ (reprised) on Saturday 4th May

Please note that the online booking closes several hours before the show. However, tickets will still be available at the door (cash purchase only), unless sold out. Please contact 0406402901 if you need assistance with obtaining tickets or if you have any questions?