Radio interview on the Ozone show on 4ZZZ 102.1FM

“The time has come” the Walrus cried…
“Alright!” The Torch Enterprise replied…
And so he rose from his creative slumber
Hopeful of new ideas to plunder…

And to this end, I got an invite (thank you so much Billie Letts) to go and do an interview for the Ozone radio show on 4ZZZ. We talked a lot, about theatre/performing and where I fit in it. In between I read some of my short stories. I also had the chance to promote my one man comedy show “Trichotomy of Jest, which I would love to put out there again – if I could but find a suitable venue close to the city (any ideas/ offers gratefully received!).

So, the Ozone show is on 4ZZZ 102.1FM ( every Tuesday from midnight to 2am, and my interview is probably going to be broadcast during the 4ZZZ Radiothon on Tue 13 August (that’s tomorrow) so if you are still up and about, tune in and let me know what you think?



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